John Featherstone



Of course, concerts are normally in French, but for an English-speaking public John can offer a 7-string guitar solo concert,  interveaved with songs in English, a duo concert with Hannah Clair, 'Credo', with 8 singers, and 'Te Deum,' with 12 singers and 4 musicians.

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John has composed 6 full-length choral works, in addition to the numerous  instrumental pieces and songs he has written over the years,

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Artistic direction

Arranging, choir directing, recording, advice for performers.

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John leads worship for church services, either alone, or with other musicians

He has composed a CD of French worship songs, Degrés, and one commissioned hymn in English,

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Coaching for church music groups, guitar lessons, how to arrange and harmonise, composition, and the art of solo performance

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John is involved, together with his wife Mary, in various arts groups in Paris, Crescendo international movement for classical musicians, and some other networks for artists of faith of all disciplines.

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