John Featherstone


In the late 80s we mixed analogue recordings to various digital formats, only making albums available on cassette. In September 1990 we moved as a family to France and concentrated on French production, leaving a quantity of English digital masters on the shelf. When we ‘went digital’, we inserted eight of these English songs into subsequent French albums - you may have missed them on the way. Over the years many have asked how to get hold of songs from that era: until now that hasn’t been possible. So we decided to ‘put them out there’ for anyone interested in a trip down memory lane. One or two songs have been ditched in the process, but I stand by the rest! I hope you find what you’re looking for among the 37 songs in this two-volume Vintage collection.


Have a listen on the player below - at least 5 full songs on each one, and extracts of the rest. If you'd like to buy a copy on download, just click on the shopping cart. You can also find them on itunes, Amazon or GooglePlay, together with all other more recent productions!


Recorded and mixed at Porcupine Studios. Engineer: Nick Taylor

Production: Bob Cranham, Dave Leonard Cooke, John Featherstone

Keys: Dave Leonard Cooke

Bass: Phil Cranham, Bob Cranham, John Featherstone

Acoustic guitars, vox: John Featherstone

Electric guitar: Bob Cranham

Flute: Nigel Perona-Wright, John Featherstone

Sax: Bob Mckay

Drums: Bob Armstrong, Allan Cox

B Vox: Honor Mason, Bethan Davies, Pennie Cranham, Bob Cranham



Recorded at EGS La Louvière, Studio des Cèdres and Le Grand Marchais 2005

Engineers: Ruben Wautier, Olivier Chamard

Mixed in London by Tony Harris

Production: Dave Leonard Cooke & John Featherstone

Keys: Dave Leonard Cooke

Cello: Torsten Harder

Flute & Piccolo: Matthew Featherstone

Percussion: Dick Le Mair

B Vox: Hannah Featherstone, Myra Maud, Jean-Michel Beaubrun, Matthew Featherstone

Guitars and vox: John Featherstone



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