John Featherstone


Coaching for music groups :

In particular for groups accompanying church worship

Guitar lessons :

Collective or individual, the costs vary according to the number of participants.

Church communities can call on John to visit and  train their local musicians in worship-leading

This could involve an existing music group, a new initiatve, or even individual musicians who accompany the singing alone and who need help and support. The training is adapted to the local  needs.


A practical, pragmatic and participative approach (everyone gets to play!) which also tackles basic questions - the source of our worship, the rôle of the group, what motivates the choice of songs...

Taking on board the context, experience and musical level of the participants, the aim is to help everyone to progress in order to encourage congregational singing.

The workshop comprises practical  application, analysis, discussion forums, and teaching.

A combination on one weekend of a concert, a training session and a service the  next day involving the participants is also on offer.

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For guitarists who want to become more advanced, John offers a 'guitar clinic', for indivduals, with an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses and offers practical hints drawn from his 52 years of experience on the guitar!)

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Other forms of artistic training :




Harmony and arranging


Coaching for performers, individuals or groups,


The art of solo performance


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