John Featherstone


Te Deum :

This exciting new choral work  combines Latin, English and French texts with 3 contrasting vocal ensembles. As with Credo, classical, jazz and gospel modes  trace  the continuity of history with today's expressions of faith.

The work can be performed by 12 vocalists and 4 instrumentalists, or include a full choir

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Chemin de Pâques

Chemin de Pâques is originally a choral work retracing the events of Easter week, which has been performed by many French choirs over the years.


In this performance the choir is replaced by four professional singers, accompanying John who takes on the rôle of Christ.


This show invites the audience to follow the steps of Christ from his entry into Jerusalem through to the resurrection.


Constructed entirely on biblical accounts, this contemporary cantata has also been used at times to replace a service during Holy week.


Only available in French !


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Credo brings to life the historic Christian creed, in music that  juxtaposes classical, jazz and contemporary modes.


The use of two contrasting vocal quartets  evokes a reconciliation between the traditional and the contemporary, in terms of both musical style and expressions of faith.


Credo is first and foremost a choral work. You can find out more about that here. The version with 8 singers is for ease and flexibility of performance.


Credo exists both in English and in French.



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Passage :

Faith from a distance


This show was composed for the Festival of Sacred Art in Orléans, and performed in the Cathedral. by five singers, accompanied by seven-string guitar, and piano..


Built around the spiritual and philosophical journey of the sceptic confronted with Biblical text, Passage is a musical dialogue into which the listener is invited to enter, to find an echo in his own experience of questioning, confrontation, openness and rejection. More about Passage


Again, only in French

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