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What is a Te Deum?

A beautiful and powerful ancient prayer combining praise of God with recognition of our human frailty, well known in the Anglican and the Catholic communities. This text has been set to music by many composers over the years

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What's this Te Deum like?

It juxtaposes classical, jazz and gospel modes, using three contrasting vocal ensembles.

The composition reconciles a respect for our musical and theological roots with a desire to build creatively on that heritage, bringing past and present together. The work lasts about an hour, and is in 12 sections.

How many people are involved on the recording?

The award-winning Bath Camerata (please check out the link)

14 top UK jazz-gospel  vocal session singers (from groups such as Get Gospel and Swingle) and 4 great French jazz-gospel soloists.

Instrumental arranger and pianist Dave Leonard Cooke, percussionist Pedro Segundo, double-bass player Tom Walley and saxophonist Pete Long.

In concert

In France, we will be working with le choeur de Grenelle for the concert on 6th October 2018 in Parisoctobre and with l'ensemble Lux Aeterna on 24 November 2018 in Strasbourg.

These two classical ensembles are joined by the jazz-gospel singers coming from Paris and London.

So we perform either with a choir, 2 jazz-gospel vocal ensembles, and 4 musicians, or with 3 vocal quartets and 4 musicians.

We would also love to work with semi-professional local choirs, bringing in the musicians and other singers necessary to collaborate with them.

'It was a joy to collaborate with John Featherstone on the first recording and performance of his crossover work, Te Deum. John has an unfailing, instinctive sense of style and the piece effectively manages to bring three languages and styles into an organic dialogue. In the recording studio John was exactly what one wants from a composer on hand: he knew exactly what he wanted from his piece, but the choir and I still felt we had the freedom to explore our own ideas. The audience reaction says all you need to know about the performances: this is a work that speaks to people and engages them. I’m certain it has a long future and will continue to bring audiences to their feet.'  Benjamin Goodson



‘A universe of freedom with no barriers’ Réforme – ‘‘A delicately worked, thoughtful piece’ La Croix – ‘Ma-gi-stral’ Regards Protestants – ‘An explosively successful gamble’ Chantons en église – ‘Colossal’ Paul & Séphora ‘A manifestly worshipful and passionate work’ – Church Times ‘A work of brilliance and depth ’ Christ Seul

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