John Featherstone


Concert solo :

This is either an entirely instrumental concert on 7-string guitar or a  mixed repertoire of instrumentals and songs

Either way, the music speaks of our moments of fun and of craziness, our darker moments, our questionings, our centre of gravity, our places of refuge, our moments of grace.

The accoustic 7-string guitar is an unusual instrument (usually there are 6 strings)

If songs are included, some can be  can be accompanied on piano or djembe.

For those who are concerned that every musician needs a band these days this comment from an audience member should reassure you : 'The guitar sounds like a whole orchestra!'

Below are some clips from the instrumental repertoire, and some songs in French.
You can also visit John's YouTube Channel

Sorry, we have no clips of English song available at this stage.


Vous n'entendrez le son qu'après l'intro. de la vidéo - patientez!


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