John Featherstone


Te Deum

'It was a joy to collaborate with John Featherstone on the first recording and performance of his crossover work, Te Deum. John has an unfailing, instinctive sense of style and the piece effectively manages to bring three languages and styles into an organic dialogue. In the recording studio John was exactly what one wants from a composer on hand: he knew exactly what he wanted from his piece, but the choir and I still felt we had the freedom to explore our own ideas. The audience reaction says all you need to know about the performances: this is a work that speaks to people and engages them. I’m certain it has a long future and will continue to bring audiences to their feet.'  Benjamin Goodson


Reviews below (mainly French) :

Solo concerts and cantatas

'This artist gives a truly innovative dimension to questions of faith.  Featherstone is  a one-man-band of his time, who knows how to use all his skills to illuminate his public - and not to seduce them - and of course to transcend his beliefs in a musical score of pure delectation' République du Centre

'What he is lookig for above all is a dialogue ... you'll appreciate the artistic quality' Echos Républicains

'An accomplished musician, he opens up like a sacred book that it's difficult to close at the end of the concert' République du Centre

'The guitar sounds like a whole orchestra'

'Quality of presentation, together with authenticity'

Article from Réforme (in French)


'This has got to be one of the most striking recordings of recent years... A totally unique work of art, of high professional standard. Cross rhythms'

'Scriptural truth combined with classical, jazz and gospel is balm to the soul ... blends past and present in a seamless whole... a smorgasbord for the senses' Christianity Magazine

'The work is worthy of the magnificent confession of faith which unites all Christian traditions : beautiful in its composition, it succeeds in the tour de force of reconciling musical genres and in challenging individuals in their confessional and musical experience.' Etienne Lhermenault


'Built around the spiritual and philosophical journey of the sceptic confronted with Biblical text, Passage evokes subject matter of rare pertinence on the contemporary perception of the sacred.' République du Centre

'A lot of emotion, great peace... It's beautiful, very beautiful'.

'The search between man and God, God and man. I saw in it my own moments of questioning and revolt, grace and openness...'

'I took five minutes before getting out of my seat at the end ofthe concert, I was so shaken'.

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