John Featherstone


Passage, or faith from a distance (in French only)

Built around the spiritual and philosophical journey of the sceptic confronted with Biblical text, Passage is a musical dialogue into which the listener is invited to enter, to find an echo in his own experience of questioning, confrontation, openness and rejection.

This show was composed for the Festival of Sacred Art in Orléans, and performed in the Cathedral. by John who accompanied himself on 7-string guitar, and a vocal quartet, accompanied on piano.  The quartet songs are scored for choirs, who can prepare the show in collaboration with John.

Scores, CDs and backing track available, please contact us if you want to know more.

Every work of art is audacious in some way : Passage ...

... gives voice to the biblical text without shying away from the force of some of its words, counting on the interpretation to reveal their underlying gentleness.

... hopes that the chosen passages resonate with the uninitiated

... represent,s wth lucidity, a palette of refutations from the point of view of a seasoned sceptic

... leaves things open, without a 'happy ending' out of respect for the public's freedom of choice...

All this, in the desire to spark a real debat, a basis for reflection, a challenge, a call to debate.

'This musical work offers subject matter of rare pertinence concernant the contemporary perception of the sacred. Passage involves the audience in an enthralling universe.' République du Centre

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