John Featherstone


Powerline Trust aims to offer quality concerts of original work through which audiences can connect with the Christian faith.

We collaborate with other French Christian arts movements, and work across all church denominations.

We are currently preparing to tour with a classical-jazz-gospel setting of the beautiful ancient hymn of praise, the Te Deum, engaging a public with different backgrounds and tastes in a new journey of spiritual and musical discovery.

As with all frontline work, there is a visible aspect to our work (creation, concerts, training, recordings) and a lot of work going on behind the scenes.

These are some areas which donations could help with.

  • Expenses linked to transport
  • Insurance
  • Salaries - both for the 2 regular employees and for musicians employed for performances
  • Publicity
  • Office expenses, telephone and internet, accountancy
  • Renewal of technical equipment, sound and computer programmes

You can choose to make a one-off donation or to support regularly, through Stewardship, on

If you are a UK taxpayer, and you confirm that you would like to reclaim Gift Aid on your donation, this will add 25p to every £1 you give. Thank you.


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