John Featherstone



Experience :

John arranged and directed 1h30 of music for the televised service of Protestants en Fête 2013 in the 15000seater Bercy Stadium

He has also arranged songs for numerous events for  Crescendo (christian movement for classical and jazz musicians)

Arranging songs for a choir backing Graham Kendrick at a Paris event in aide of Tear Fund.

Arrangements for numerous CDs including for ADF-Bayard Musique and for our own productions.

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Conducting :

In addition to conducting the 1000-strong choir and 46 musicians at Protestants en Fête 2013, John was also choir director of the Vaux sur Seine theology faculty over several years.

He also conducted the children's choir at the closing ceremony of the JC2000 festival in the Albert Hall in London.

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Producing :

John's last 3 CDs were recorded here in Paris, on Pro Tools.

He has also recorded and produced projects for other artists.

To interpret his arrangements, John can also offer to play guitar, piano and percussion, or sing on any production he produces. He also has a network of musicians and singers in Paris he can call on for more ambitious projects.

John collaborates regularly with other artists in the studio. He sings in French, English and German.
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