John Featherstone



Solo concerts - two approaches

Centred around the 7 string guitar, unique instrument built for him by guitar-maker Andy Manson. The guitar speaks volumes.

Guitar, keyboard, voice :
A mix of songs and instrumentals.

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As a  duo with Hannah Clair

Two artists with complementary repertoires.
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Larger-scale shows

For English-speaking audiences

Credo (exists in English or French)
The basis of the Christian faith, with 4 classical singers 4 gospel singers

Coming soon - Te Deum
English & French in the same work)
12 voices, 4 instrumentalists

For French-speaking audiences

Chemin de Pâques (in French)
The events of Holy week, sung by 5 singers.

Passage (in French)
A musical dialogue between faith and  scepticism,  with 6 performers.

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Choral works & performances

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