John Featherstone


The three Cantatas :

the life of Christ set to music in a choral trilogy for church choirs. In French only

Extracts of the the concert at l'Eglise Protestante Unie of Passy-Annonciation, Paris 16, with members of 6 Paris region choirs, the Salvation Army brass band and a rythm section.

For those who understand French, here is a video about preparation for performances in 2015 with the ecumenical choir of Beauvais, in collaboration with John

The choir of  l'ÉREI d'Alès, in Chemin de Pâques - a project mounted locally independently of us - as happens most often with these choral works.

These Cantatas have already been sung by a large number of amateur choirs in the French speaking world. Their impact has been felt both by audiences and by the choir members themselves.  Chemin de Pâques is also adapted for performance with 5 singers

Voici Noël

A celebration of the coming of Christ on earth :  the story of the incarnation from Genesis to the birth of Christ.

Vie sur Terre

Leads us in the steps of Christ from his baptism to the entry into Jerusalem.

Chemin de Pâques

The events of Easter week, from the entry into Jerusalem to the passion and the ressurection of Christ.

Voici Noël - Upload the song lyrics

Vie sur Terre - Upload the song lyrics

Chemin de Paques - Upload the song lyrics

Voici Noël - Details about the CD - performers

Vie sur Terre - Details about the CD

Chemin de Pâques - Details about the CD


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